The Uphill Struggle and the Demon Drink

I am climbing a hill. On the way down I used a wheeled office choir to scoot down. Now I have to walk back up.

I meet a woman. She was viewing a room at my place earlier. I like her. She gives me her email. She is going to live near the Posada.

We walk up the hill. A cafe owner is turning off the lights to save money. Tom Dent wrestles with a squid in a barrel. A couple read a print out if a guide. The woman holds a reed, with a huge black and silver stealth dragonfly on it.

We proceed on the uphill path. This road is full of family pubs with drunk old men and crying kids. We cut across a field, and through a yard where furniture is being delivered.

A bar. We are watching a film with the sound down. Zoidberg is manipulating Jew eggs. I talk to a German lady sat next to me, describing the life of Ed Gein. Her young son is very interested. He is a demon. I am not afraid, I have seen him before. I put a damp towel in his head and tell him to be quiet. He is. He laughs remembering how surprised I was last time.



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