Master of the Multiple Moustache Bow

We are fighting. I make a bow and arrows with the help of a master. Others try to fire it, but I’m the only one able to. It bends to my will. At first it is very out of control, very hit and miss, chaotic. With practice I improve. Looking at it, I realise the bow is shaped like a moustache.

I am planning to use fire arrows to destroy traps the enemy has made. Children gather fat and other combustibles for me to use.

I am in a field. The bow has developed into many bows combined, connected by levers and balances, getting smaller the further away they are. It terminates in a small biplane model, containing the workings of a hand crossbow. I move slightly to take aim, the entire structure wobbles, and points towards the ground. The master shouts instructions at me. He also has a multiple bow. His starts compacted into one bow, and as he draws upon it many other bows and crossbows, some with multiple bolts, extend from it, all perfectly balanced and on target.



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