Gentlemanly Discussions in the Lion Bar

I am in a bar. It is a theme bar based on hipsters, the Old Firehouse and the Cyprus Tavern. There’s a murder hole above the stairs on the way in. Inside the customers are student hipsters. Many seem like stereotypes.

I order a Guinness and look around. I don’t fit in. I’m wearing a colourful scarf, and otherwise monochrome clothing. I wander outside. A stoat is tethered to a fence. I walk towards it. I realise it belongs to people in the flat above. A lion wanders in the background. They own many exotic pets.

I return to the bar. I direct two women to the toilets, and head downstairs. My drink has been purloined by a group of lads. I challenge them, throwing beer over them. We adjourn outside, through a door labelled “gentlemanly conversations”.

I think there will be violence. Instead, only civil discussion, so civil that we become friends. We discuss films. We watch something loosely based on Back to the Future. There’s a sequel. It looks awful.

I am in the second film. Luke Skywalker is out for revenge. We watch demonstrations of cybernetic cells that can grow into humanoid robots, and construction companies who build homes with built in facilities to taser the inhabitants, or demolish the whole building remotely.

We are outraged. A group of us head off into the endgame, looking for characters we must kill. In game, communications with the outside world don’t work. I explore a shopping centre, becoming trapped when a woman I suspect of being the enemy walks though a shelving display, and I can’t follow. I abseil from the roof using a sacred amulet and it’s long chain as a rope. At the bottom are others in my team. We go off together.

There’s an undulating sculpture, moving. I lay on it an fall right in, worried I will suffocate until I emerge safely on a lower level. This level has narrow paths filled with old people. I find a way to ascend, and rejoin my friends.



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