Escape From Rio

I am a gunner in a helicopter flying over a city. We are just doing an exercise. We aren’t expecting any trouble. We are fired upon by one of our team, we take her down onto the roof of a skyscraper.

We get out without any injuries, and exit the roof. Inside it is a residential block. I think that this could be a great plot for a movie, with this block being some kind of test, and us having to escape through the sewers. I think’Intake’ would be a good title.

We exit the building and enter the street. We are in Rio. It is preparing for the carnival. We walk along a narrow alley, none of us know where we are, or where we are heading. We pass some scary, odd looking characters, I think, that if this were a movie, we’d keep bumping into them later on.

We pass through a square, a young girl is playing with a phallic balloon, her mother has only just noticed its shape, and is concerned. A train of double dockers buses drives across the square, decked out for the carnival and racking in time to the music they blare out.

We carry on, heading along a main road. People walk at differing paces, and we slowly split up. I radio the ones ahead to wait. Some do, and we regroup. It’s getting dark, and we are hungry. We break into a church that is also a food bank. We leave after getting some food, but forget to lock the door behind us, a local gang sees this, and waits for us to go before raiding it.

We walk on. Ahead we see a series of statues. One is a fat Buddha. I stroke it, and the face moves, I am hallucinating. The face cracks, and beneath it is the face of a woman. She smiles, and cracks the stone, reaching up, she grabs me, and I fall back into a bath with her on top of me.

I’m in a forest. A plane drops something by parachute. I think it’s two jeeps. They land in nearby trees, annoying the apes who are climbing there. As I get closer, I see that they are actually huge green first aid kits, shaped like double decker buses without wheels.

As I approach, the apes start to form a pyramid. They are Olympic apes, trained to perform at opening ceremonies.

I lay down to sleep, with my hand resting on my now dead dog, I can feel him breathing.

I awake alone, as always.



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