Family, Flying, Flowers.

I am in a large house. Rob is asleep on a sofa. I try to power off an array of technology, wires trail all over the room, modules perch precariously on stands.

The dawn comes. I see Rob outside emptying a bin. A bird steals something from the bin and throws it at the neighbours window, waking them up.

Rob comes back in and we discuss the best way to counter the bird menace. Rob has some info he wants to share about kids TV programmes. He expounds his theory, and another Rob takes notes. I point out that the programme is in no way suitable for the targeted age and refuse to become engaged in a pointless analysis.

The large house is more industrial now, bare grey blocks and unfinished surfaces. A family is held captive by a psycho giant. Rob waits to ambush him, wearing body armour. Rob is defeated. We rig a machine to cover the giant in burning oil. As he burns I run through undergrowth dark as night, until I am falling down, through the earth.

I hit a floor. Green tiles. No windows. A tiny space underground. I claw at a gap in the wall. Plastic wrapped packets of cigarettes in bags block the entrance. I pull them into the room. Then I see a single glove, with the name of the psycho giants daughter on it. I realise I’m still inside. I didn’t escape.

I clamber through the gap, and through an opening in the adjoining space I see the sky, and adjacent buildings. I climb through the opening. I hear the psycho giant and a now enslaved Rob approaching. I conceal myself until they pass.

I leap towards the next building. It comprises of thousands of giant racks of coffee, flowers and other produce. I fly along the racks, amazed at the beauty of the flowers. I try to steal some coffee, and a flying security guard intervenes. I flirt with her and distract her while hiding coffee.

I bounce back across to the psycho building. I get the family out while the giant is away at the market. Driving down the road, I see a hotel called Exeter College Rejects Centre. I want to photograph it. When I go back, the name has changed.



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