Monkey of the Mechanical Mob

I am at a reception in a hotel. Ori and I have organised something else later, a surprise north of Nottingham. Possibly a boat trip. I leave to catch a train. The station is in Italy. I’m confused which platform I need, all the trains are going in the same direction.

The station collapses away, in small blocks. I find myself on a street in the UK. Blocks of flats walk around on robot legs, they are in charge, communicating orders via a monkey with electrodes in his brain sat at a keyboard. (I remember thinking that this is a great symbol for mob rule).

I type randomly on the monkey’s keyboard. This enrages the robot housing, and it turns on me, firing bolts of lightning and giving me quite a shock. I run down a narrow alleyway where it can’t follow. I try to take a shortcut back to the road, the police have sealed it off though.

I climb a fence into a garden. I’m followed by two lads who are thinking of stopping me for a reward. Their hearts aren’t i. It though. I convince them to lay under pieces of greenhouse and claim that I overpowered them and made my escape.


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