Power Underground

I have a machine. One of a kind. It enables me to fly, and to modify reality as if I were in Minecraft.

I start on one side of my screen, then fly through into another world. I remodel Wolverhampton with French castles, and I plot to take over Haldon Belvedere for the resources and secrets hidden underneath.

A visiting tradesman sees the machine. I imprison him to protect my secret. Every time I use the machine to create, he turns pale, and gets ill.

He tries to escape and a huge hungry wolf pulls him back through the wall.

I meet up with a rival, Fat Magneto and his sidekick. Also, a bunch of do gooders arrive. I show them the machine. Magneto is greedy and wants it for power, but accepts an offer to share in its rewards. He is nearly bankrupt. The do gooders ask about its healing powers. They want to help the imprisoned tradesman.

I assure them that I will use it only for good. I continue to secretly covet the hidden depths of Haldon Belvedere. True power lies there.

I am asleep in a damp carriage in the rain. I’ve been experiencing augmented reality promenade theatre. I watch the final movie and twitter feed and take some photos, then head back to the ticket office to return the borrowed equipment.



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