Unlimited Astral Travel

I am being consulted as an astrologer. One of my ex girlfriends, Julie, is there; my client is her new girlfriend. She asks if her presence disturbs me. I say no. Another woman is there too. I consult an ephemeris, and at the same time, open myself up psychically to them. I see a farmhouse by a river, a bridge half demolished or half completed. I ask if that has any significance to them. The scene changes, to a more modern time. The bridge has gone, and the farmhouse has a modern extension. It doesn’t have meaning for any of them. I recognise the location and try to explain it to them.

I pass out, fitting like an epileptic. I am outside my body, my hands are numb and freezing, and I can’t move. I drift away, thinking that maybe it’s time for me to die. Julie calls out to me and counts me back into my body.

I wake up, and stagger away in a crowd of people. We arrive at a train station. There are no tracks, and no ground, just a city and a forest far below, with clouds in between.

I step off the platform. I don’t fall. Others see me and do the same. They also float. We hold hands, link arms and set off together. I show them Exeter, and my version of Wolverhampton modified with French architecture.

The old ways are dead, together we can travel anywhere.



2 thoughts on “Unlimited Astral Travel

  1. You must be a Pisces. Or Aries. Or Taurus. See also Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagitarius, Capricorn and Aquarius.


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