Moon Invasion

I am in a bunker with Hitler and some guys from work. We are playing electronic drums with knitting needles. On his kit, Rob is cooking eggs. Something passes the window. It’s another Hitler in a superman costume. Our Hitler reminds us that we have to go outside sometimes. We moan about the cold.

Outside. The bunker has gone. We are on a high rise estate, outside a small independent computer shop.

I look at the moon. It is glowing, changing patterns like a phosphorescent jellyfish. I know there is life there, and civilisation. My friend tells me I am imagining things. As we photograph the moon, small, bat sized drones whizz past overhead. I decide to head home. I turn into a narrow alleyway. On the floor are tiny cricket sized alien drones. I hop and skip my way past them.

At the end of the alley, I am surprised that the street lights are still on. I expect global power to be cut soon. I also expect the drones to be creating zombies, helping us to destroy ourselves.



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