3D Topology of Dream Reality

I am in a field near some buildings. There are trees. I warn people that things are about to morph, and to stand back. They move against a wall. I warn them that the buildings will also change. They move onto the grass. An old lady is absorbed into a wall, it ripples like water and becomes a glass screen. There are tiny edit points visible on the trees and grass, I know this means things are about to change.

Suddenly there’s a shift, and we are in a BskyB tv studio. The walls are lined by giant screens, the floor is white tiles. In the distance are cameras and strangely deformed people. I tell my people to wait, and I advance.

The TV people are hideously deformed, having half human, half animal faces. Some are in obvious pain. I try to dispatch these as painlessly as possible.

I am in a wheelchair waiting for a bus. I’ve just got out of hospital. I don’t want to take the wheelchair on the bus, but I know I’ll need it at the other end. I don’t know how best to return it to the hospital.

I am staying in a room above a pub. They always have bands on, and getting through to my room can be difficult. I ascend the stairs. I keep thinking that I need to climb outside the building, but there are steps inside I can use. I get to my room. I’m sharing with a friend.



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