The Loving Platypus

I am driving a full sized remote control car. I am sat inside, steering by remote. I realise that this is how everyone drives. It is dangerous. I take a wrong turn, and drive across snowy sands onto an icy beach. I park the car at the bottom of an access ramp, and walk up to a hotel. Inside, I am eating and playing music with Rob and Ben

A man walks past our table he tells me some sounds can only be heard by dogs. I play a terrible out of tune solo on a plastic toy trumpet.

I tell them only dogs can hear it.

Time has passed. I’m afraid that the tide has come in, and submerged my car. I walk to the ice covered beach. The car is still there.

I wander onto the snow covered sand dunes. I play with a child, making sandy snowballs.

I see a door, and enter a small space, climbing a ladder into a room converted into a space for small gigs. I talk to a young lad about his upcoming gig.

Going beyond this room, I am in a shopping space. I use my remote to move a twin tape dispenser, it rolls across the floor, people are amazed. I follow at a distance, until it returns to the top of the ladder

Here, my boss reveals that I am controlling it. I pick it up. It becomes a tiny, loving, friendly platypus. I cuddle it as I walk along a suspension bridge, we discuss it’s choice of name.

I have never felt such love from anything.



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