Repossession of Childhood

I am inside a large, old house, with friends. Outside, construction work goes on. Noisy and distracting.

We watch a movie narrated by William Shatner, about an exorcism to rid the house of the ghost of a boy. Bill Shatner also plays moody organ music.

A delivery arrives. It is a chair to restrain a psychic, while he tries to contact the spirit of the boy. We put the psychic in the chair and begin an exorcism.

The psychic is possessed.

There are bangs and heavy footsteps. The steps move towards me and shake the floor beneath me. I am skeptical. I begin to levitate. I am a bit surprised, then I remember that this always happens. I rise slowly and somersault in the air, this is a more powerful way of flying. I need to learn to control it.

The spirit speaks through the psychic. It likes me. It asks if next time, it can communicate through me. I ask if I can sleep on it. The spirit of the boy agrees.

I try to remove a necklace. It has a protective amulet on it. It doesn’t want to be removed. I think that this is for the best.

Outside, I see students in fancy dress. I want to go home. I cross a road and see Church Street in Newton Heath, where I grew up. I walk up the hill.

Involuntarily, I begin to fly. Others are surprised. I try to keep it low. In the end I relax, and fly along the canal.

I discover that steering this new energy requires much more control. I also realise, home is no longer here.



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