The Tower

I am in an unknown city. David Salas has arranged a meeting. I want to explore a ruined tower, and I’m about do so when David turns up, and walks with me to the meeting.

We meet town planners. They are all excited about building new developments, no one is interested in maintaining existing buildings. This is why the tower is a ruin. This saddens me.

We pick up a hire van, and David drives us to an outdoor space, where we watch films projected onto the wall in the fading twilight.

I am in work, watching someone else teach. They are doing a terrible job, yet I cannot intervene. I just have to watch.

I wander the streets. I see the tower.

I am inside a damp, ruin of an apartment. I can see the tower outside. I feed bread to a family of friendly cats. Giant spiders explore my sandwich. A giant millipede scrapes my teeth, searching for food.

I need to leave. I don’t know where I am. Someone lives here. I can’t find my shoes, or my bag.

I sneak out. The apartment shares a common door with other apartments. They are arranged fractally, like alveoli.

I want to go back to find my stuff. I’m lost. I can’t find my way back.



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