The Recycling Boat.

I am jogging by the canal with a woman in red cords. I complement her on how shapely her bottom is. She likes this.

We enter a building. A man shows us how to sort out our recycling properly. There are some odd interesting electrical items waiting to be recycled.

We are on a boat. It has a huge sunken rear section for storing recycled material, and above this a section of sinks and chemicals to strip out important elements. I ask if me and my brother will get to drive the boat. The answer is yes. I’m excited. I know it’s too wide to get down to the Turf Locks.

I am walking up the river, jumping gaps in the path, where the river has flooded. At one point, the woman is on the other side of such a gap, near a waterfall. I can’t think how to jump it. I rub a little river water on a rollerball deodorant. It fizzes and foam expands from it, into the river.

The flooded gap is gone, replaced by a hole, with a large stainless steel plug hole at the bottom. The waterfall is a trickle. The woman thinks I blame her for this.

I start to try and find another way around. I notice that the river upstream is expanding into chemical foam. I don’t think this is safe. I run towards home. An old gent tries to hide in the Railway Pub, in New Moston.

I run along a path through a field, singing to myself, hovering above the ground. I carry a Statue of Liberty style torch made of chemical foam.

I pass people out for a stroll, and I accelerate as I pass wooden buildings. I stop suddenly at a wood fenced T junction. I turn left into a council estate. Three lads approach me. I expect to get mugged. Instead one warns me about the dangers of muggers in a rap. He’s very good at rapping and informative. I jog with them for a while. We discuss the Ginger Ninja Panda films. (These don’t actually exist). We jog along a road into town. The road becomes a corridor, banners of Chinese writing hang from the walls. There are steps, with metal pipes at all angles. We jump and slide our way through. At the bottom, I turn right into a crowded corridor. Eventually I make my way to the surface and fly into the sky singing. On the ground, crowds of people join in with my happy, elated song.



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