Bowie and the Families that Control the World.

A shop selling basses. One is an Ampeg baby bass. I am chatting to the lads that work there as they walk home.

A walk and a chat with David Bowie. Including through a launderette. I try to get him to do my music homework. David heads back to the national gallery, where he is being celebrated as a national treasure.

A man on the run, wearing two towels. He slips into an estate agents office, and destroys paperwork that keeps him in debt.

Much later. The man is injured. He is my brother. People help me fix him up. They are medically trained.

A door opens. The estate agent is sat there, with two criminal families. His brother is with one of the families. He wants revenge. The doctor says,”That’s right, we fixed him up so we can kill him slowly”, I am led through the room, and down through connected rooms that spiral to the right. Always down. We pass through rooms full of people, politicians, judges, doctors, all connected to these criminal families. We get to the room my brother is in. They leave me to say goodbye before they kill him. I don’t have time to explain to my brother, I push him through the shattering window, hoping that he either survives and gets away, or dies quickly by my hand. Rather that than slow torture and humiliation.

People rush in. I escape through a back door. I am on wasteland at the back of the house. My brother is barely conscious, but he staggers from the yard of the house onto the wasteland and collapses. I’m too far away to help.

I walk away. The families gather around, and stone the remaining life out of him.

I walk through a sports field. Police ignore the murder happening in plain sight. I walk with some girls from the families. They talk about work. It seems to consist getting involved with rich and powerful men and controlling them.

Back in the national gallery. Musicians improvise while the audience joins in on an out of tune piano. The audience are out of time. The musicians are frustrated. I think the audience have a better understanding of improvisation.

The same space. This time, three musicians, and stacks of sony branded instruments. I am one of the musicians. We finish a very structured piece. I ask if they know how to improvise. They do, but they are hesitant. They have something scripted that they want to stick to. They play and I improvise around it.



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