Drown the Mother, Drown the Brothers

I am a child. My mother is single, and we visit a man she has met through a dating website. He lives with his brother. I don’t like them. The brother brings a man home, and it turns nasty, the brothers torture him, playing a yes/no game where he always answers wrongly. Then eventually they kill him. They get a sexual thrill from this.

After a few more victims, I decide I have to leave. I throw darts and pens at the brothers. I run to the train station. They follow me, with my mother, carrying her luggage.

To reach the station we must cross a bridge over a river. One brother walks the wrong side of the fence, and I push him in the deep river. He can’t swim. His brother jumps in, dragging my mother with him. All three struggle in the water, my mother weighed down by coins in her coat. The brothers fight underwater, they all drown.

I am free. I fly across the town, through walls, above a stage, joking about a drum solo played from the air with bullets of diarrhoea.



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