Born Into Oncoming Traffic

I stand with my mother at the top of the stairs. They are in a chute, leading straight into a main road. I slide onto the street, and across it. Over a bridge, and into a haulage yard.

I am helping Tom Veals with a delivery. He rides ahead on a skateboard that becomes a motorcycle. I sit in the cab of a self driving lorry. Tom falls from his board, dragged along by it. The vehicle I’m in reverts to manual control. I cannot drive.

I steer the vehicle round a bend , I find the horn and warn others to get out of my way. There are roadworks, I mount the pavement and people jump out of my way. Finally I find the brake.

I get out if the vehicle. The police arrive. I am in shock. A man comes out of the house to see if I have his parcel. Mr Heinz. I search for it and give it to him. He doesn’t care about the crash.

The police interview me, trying to blame the accident on Tom. The female officer lets slip that he is dead, the male tries to skip over this. I look in the back of their van. Mangled wreckage that no one could survive.

I am with Andrew Mitchell. We leave his mothers house. He feels a failure, like he never somehow seems to earn enough. Books call out to him to go with him. He selects one. I explain that he must carry everything.

As we leave, I give him the keys, explaining that locking the door behind him will, kind if, earth the bad luck that he’s had.

We walk along black painted corridors. The doors do not like us. Wind blows us towards a restaurant, psychedelic cats flock around string, dogs become sheep and merge into the flock.



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