We Are One

I am at work. The shop floor is a barn. Customers wander about looking for activities the kids can take part in. There’s music and demonstrations, and baby animals. Kids play with toy cars driving into a small play store.

A woman would like to buy a sound dock. We have lots of staff, but none seem to be aware of what’s going on around them. I’m talking to Marc about fading tattoos, but we pause our conversation to serve the lady. I pack away a demo unit, and start to walk back of house. I pass crowds of people looking for toilets, a baby pig, and other cute animals. I move to one side as a tractor pulling a train of trailers passes. I tell Dan we should have a regular train full of stock that circulates from back of house to the shop floor.

My destination is miles away. I can see the words ‘We Are One’ floating in the sky, just above the horizon. When I take a step forwards, I can see that it’s a clever trick. The words are on a sign, and the background perfectly matches the orangey autumn sky behind it.

Everything looks 8-bit and over saturated. I take off my glasses. It is the same. My eyesight is failing. I have a long journey ahead.



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