The Rare Lyre Octobird

DWP. Muddy toilets and long queues. A hotel with a casino next door. Zombies. Acting like a zombie I can move amongst them. The zombies try to get me to go to a restaurant. I tell them I’ve already booked a table. I step into an empty art gallery. Keith is there. We have a Children of the Drone exhibition on. The walls are glass. It’s not safe.

Inside the restaurant/club. I have the keys to a secure area. A few of us go through and lock ourselves in. It is huge, on many levels, and dark. I grab a torch and explore. On the mezzanine floor is lots of old furniture, the owner of the place is a drug dealer, and takes debts anyway he can.

Others walk though the furniture. Visitors who expect me to help.

On a higher level, the light from my torch activates a smart drawer, which slides open. We move the chest of drawers and dig into the wall and floor, revealing doughy naan breads and a pool of curry. We can hear the voices of the food workers below.

Looking around, I find a room stacked with things. In the far corner I can see the head of a guitar. I know it’s a rare Lyre Octobird, with whiskers on the bridge that sing as you play. I surf the furniture and retrieve the guitar. I wonder if the dealer realises how much it is worth?

We decide to try and fight the zombies. Sliding down a ceramic tiled circular chute, we are sprayed with chemicals.

Fighting with Thor on our side.
Returning to safety. Poisoned. Thor on a plane, paralysed by drugs, calling customer services to complain.


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