Geoffrey the Dog and the Russian Spies

Travelling in the boot of a car. More like a low, open trailer. I wonder who is driving? Are they safe?

I’m in a large white room. I’m playing bass. The strings are slack so playing it is easy. I tighten the strings, and find a bar near the nut that, when pressed, makes it sound like a 12 string guitar.

I see Ben outside. He comes in with lots of my friends. Russian spies read posters about plastication, and worry about spies in their own country. A teenager tells me she I’d going to study anthroposophy. I don’t want to tell her that Steiner was a racist.

She has a small, cute dog, called Geoffrey. He’s tired and grumpy, and unfriendly. He just wants everyone to fuck off so he can sleep.


What do you think?

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