Beautiful Cosmos

I am using my Celestron telescope. It has three settings, stars, constellations,and deep space.

On constellations it’s like I’m looking at the sky painted on a domed ceiling. On stars, I can see more detail, but it still looks two dimensional.

On deep space, I’m amazed. I see meteors whizz past, feel the cold of deep space, see ice crystals form patterns in the sky. It is a beautiful universe.

I drift among scaffolding that clings onto repeating towers in the sky. I stand atop a vertical girder. It raises me higher into the sky. For a moment, I am afraid.

Vertigo and fear paralyse me.

Then I remember where I am. I step into space and drift back up, above the lattice of girders, beyond the network of man made structures, back into the infinite cosmos.



What do you think?

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