The Tower

I’m in the tower room of a cathedral. It’s very grand. It feels like home. I don’t feel real. Jon is there too. We are in some kind of open polyamorous relationship.

We are having a quiet night in. Friends drop by. They eat all our food and make a mess. I’m pissed off. I just want some peace and quiet. Jon appears to live with me but be married to Julie. I don’t remember saying it was ok for him to move in.

I’m alone in the tower. I feel energised. I float outside. I appear to be invisible, I land and walk around. Some people can see me, I think. I’m just wearing a long black t-shirt. It is wet from the constant drizzle and looks like a dress.

At a bus stop is an attractive woman about my age, 47, dressed in a belly dance costume. I tell her how great she looks. She’s very happy.

Characters keep checking in on me, as I progress through a symbolic journey of death and rebirth. An old man gives me a magic seed. He apologises for being late. It’s the first time he’s played this role. I tell him it’s the first time I’ve symbolically been reborn.

I fear death and the darkness on the road ahead. As I travel along, the sky begins to clear. It’s a new dawn.

Back at the tower, I can see it’s occupied by someone else. This makes me sad. I need to return there. I fly inside. It is full of people from my journey. They discuss me. They plotted my journey of rebirth. I don’t know what’s real anymore. I’m paranoid.

I have a wife. She’s short, plump and dark. She understands me. I hug her.

Outside, people read aloud the inscriptions on statues.

There’s a written test. I write down examples of people using supernatural strength due to adrenalin to overcome danger to their loved ones.

I want to live in peace, in the cathedral tower.



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