The Deathtrap

A wood panelled room.

It is a test.

As I walk across it layered holes twist and open in the floor. They are unpredictable. I make it across by leaping and jumping unpredictably. I then do it again, guiding a friend. He wants to just copy me, but that is fatal, he must find his own path.

At the far side of the room, a line of women secret agents stand proudly, having passed the test. Their leader and I volunteer to take the test again.

This time, the walls are greased, and grinders are in the holes. They can kill.

I get most of the way across, but then I slip into a predictable rhythm. The dynamics of the room change. Every action takes you in the opposite direction. I hear a scream as someone’s hand is trapped and severed by a grinder.

I realise that I must survive to seek revenge on those controlling this death trap.



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