Disappearance Alley

I’m in a town where people are vanishing. I’m sat outside the school, a multi-coloured cable snakes towards me. It is a broadband connection, it is here to connect to the school.

In my hand, I hold mixture of tiny blackberries and grains of sand magnified. Parents and children ask me if I have seen the missing people.

I’m inside the building which is now a hospital, two young lads are stealing things, they take me hostage and we enter a lift. Alarm bells ringing. They press the button in the lift for the basement. When the lift stops, they fall through the floppy doors into a dark space. I know they have fallen 25 feet down into a steam cleaning space. They are as good as dead.

I am saddened by this waste of life. I see their ghosts everywhere.

On the street there is a mini cooper, IRA style roof mortars point out of its sunroof. I take cover and tell my wife, Susan, to do the same. She hides behind a nearby van as the mortars launch and the mini cooper self-destructs, the shockwave passes us. She runs down an alleyway. I follow her but she is nowhere to be seen, her clothes are folded on a shelf in the alleyway. This is where people disappear.

I go back to work, at the building. I am still feeling guilty about the deaths. Then the two guys reappear. The steam room wasn’t turned on so they are still alive. I am relieved and very happy.



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