My Life as a Dog

An antiques market. Inside the greyhound dog is befriending people and animals. Kids and old ladies stroke him, and cuddle him, cats sit on him.

He is loyalty. He is affection.

He meets a goat, he loves the goat.

My group of friends take him home. I have family visiting, none of them remember me.

As if I was invisible as a child.

The next day, we returned to the market to try to find the dogs owner. I let him off the leash, running through the furniture, heading to a tent used for educating small children. Inside is a camel. He befriends the camel.

With difficulty, we separate him from the camel. The camel is as loyal as he is.

Outside the market the dog is upset, wants to go back to the camel.

Children and old ladies fuss him, cuddle him, comfort him.

He plays with a border collie, trying to pull a rainbow leash off a cat.

A man asks who’s dog he is. I explain how we found him, and returned to find an owner. Behind the man, the dog runs into the distance.

Looking for somewhere to belong.

Looking for someone to love.



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