Bismuth and Ralph 

“We’re not going anywhere”, says Ralph, he thinks, to himself. A glistening voice, comes from a tiny, crystal rainbow on the floor. “You think this is stuck, you should try being in a mountain for millennia.  We’ll be here for hours at most.”

“Who said that?” Says Ralph.

“Me” says bismuth from the floor.

“What are you?”

“I’m the anthropomorphic spirit of the element bismuth, but I’m shaped like a bit of bismuth crystal, so I’m probably not technically anthropomorphic. ”

“I must be ill” thinks Ralph

“You’re not ill. I’m strictly non toxic don’t you know, but being elemental and all I can apparently read human minds, you learn something new every day.”

“Am I going insane?”

“We’ll, you are in love with a cat”

“Who’s there? How did you know that?”

I told you, I’m the anthropocentric psychic spirit of bismuth. Anthropomorphic, sorry, I’m neither of two of those things”


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