The Solution

Nazi homeopaths, in the dark recess of a gas chamber, collecting the tears of dead jews. An experiment with the dark side of homeopathy.

Like kills like. Fear has memory. Tears have memory.

A serial dilution to the final solution. Added in minute amounts to the ghetto water, supplies first happiness then fear of imminent death. Potentiation before extermination, re-collection and further dilution. The process repeats. The solution is strengthened.

The war ends, the solution survives, captured by the Western Forces. Its potency proved in fluoridated water supplies, it is widely deployed to keep people afraid, afraid and easy to rule.

Washing and drinking fill you with fear. Later deployed into the atmosphere, strange lines of cloud in the sky, following silver darts as fast as a bullet.

“Look mummy, a plane!” says the little girl, already prey to the solution, to which she is the problem.

The darkest time in our history, and the most ridiculous theory of a conspiracy.


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