The Ayn Random Trap

I am in Vilnius, Lithuania. I talk to an English farmer about how cheap it is, and how hard working the people are. He has been to a place called Troika.

I enter a building development. A couple are selling plots in a village colony. It sounds lovely. There’s relaxation music, talk about living your dreams, flowers float in water, as a boat takes you across a moat. It feels cultish. The people are all nice. They want to get to know one another, to live in harmony. I’m undecided. The woman gives me a cassette with talks, relaxation music/hypnosis on, and a cover that’s hand drawn. It reminds me of Gong’s ‘Camembert Eleqtrique’.

I attend a meeting. The would-be community discuss how they want to live. I read through my handout. One proposal demands the right to protect your property. I ask for clarification. I explain that in the UK, this would mean politely asking someone to get off your land. The American lady who proposed this explains that she means the right to bear arms. I am uncomfortable with this. I ask what the law in Lithuania says about this. The man doesn’t know. I begin to worry that this couple are Ayn Rand lovers who will take people’s money and run.

A woman asks if someone will study for a degree on her behalf. A man in the audience says “Why would anyone do all that work and study to benefit someone else?”

There’s a flaw in his thinking. I point out that someone studying medicine benefits the whole society, not just themselves, by gaining the skills to save lives. I then list other qualifications without which modern life could not function. Law, dentistry, technology. I explain that I would happily do any number of degrees, as it would benefit me and society. I explain to the man that he should start with philosophy, to learn how to think.

Outside, the man chats to me about how setting boundaries is good, and violence can be used in place of words. I ask him to wait. I have a faster than light trip to the dentist, and return with tiny ballistic missiles for teeth. I open my mouth and launch them all at him, simultaneously. I laugh with my empty mouth.

I am in the couples house, I am dating their daughter. We sneak in after dark and talk in her room. One day the mother asks me how often I’m there. She can smell my urine in the bathroom. I don’t answer.

She makes me some soup. Chicken and coriander. I use the toilet, and when I return, more chicken has been added, and coriander plants grow from the bowl. Flowers cover the table.

There is abundance everywhere.



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