Nonexistent Blues

A man, reminiscent of Mark Twain, arrives at an airport, from Japan. Here, he meets disabled girl and her non-disabled twin. This girl loves him but he becomes worried that she doesn’t exist. She disappears, and reappears-all blue.

He can’t find his shoes. Airport staff give him some of theirs. He knows something is wrong. He decides to go back to terminal one, to find his shoes and his luggage. He slips down the luggage shoot, like Alice down her rabbit hole. Staff clap him like Clapton as he passes. At the bottom, the girl is waiting. She is real. A princess in glitter, a wizard speaks. He explains that it is the man who is not real, who has no history, and has been brought into existence for this princess. He remembers. Being blue, the colour he is made from.

He storms off. The staff talk to him. He explains what’s happened by singing a blues song to them.
“Woke up this morning,
Found I don’t exist
Woke up this morning
And now I’m really pissed off
I don’t exist
Been made just for this
But I’m made of the blues
So that’s what I’ll do now” 🎵

He looks at his uniform shoes, ecologically approved, and wonders at the false memories, of how he arrived here.



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