The Wave Projector

throwing space.

 like side street change 
colour medicine ball lessons. 
There’s a people-birds aware.
happy to The sun 
Some leaves again,
 A Lonely and Great teaching 
 Old, it looks a little ceramic and warm 
spiritually pleased as before.
starting to friends singing, 
wave projector. 
Join in. Today.
 Be washed out. 
Candles. Too bright. 
 I want not the skulls outside,
the leaves I am kicking just want a project. 
It is working today. 
Cicadas chirping. 
Throw the
Ball at the piggy, 
Outside of feeling 
And wave sad, colour on.
I am Upstairs, sometimes balance is a teaching space. 
Too hollow, Inside
He’s to happy pass.

What do you think?

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