Prague Count

I’m in Prague. Visiting a Count who lives in a castle. We head into town. I expect a horse and carriage, but he tells me that only Americans have those here. We walk, and I avoid the begging, street theatre zombies that try to intercept me. I jog past them. Past a local shop selling brightly coloured bottles of toiletries, with scaffolding outside. 
I’m in a restaurant with the Count and his family. We wait to be served. The Count is restless and bossy. He orders me to serve them. There’s a mechanical token machine I don’t know how to use. We need the tokens for food. I break the machine. The Count is angry. 
I run home. Back to an old ladies house in staying in. I feel I’m being chased. I’m paranoid. I get there, and it’s burned out. Nothing left. Just the memory of the old woman. 
I talk to a friend next door. She has a Klingon zombie in her cellar. A Christmas badger happily gambols across the furniture. 

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