Heal Thyself

I’m acting in a Dr who episode. We are on an old bus. Another actor is due to get up and sing at the front of the bus. We drive off, across a simulated townscape. Matt Smith tries to avoid virtual people and obstacles. We start filming. The actor next to me is talking about iPads. The singing actor gets up and in position. He sings a Good Old Days style version of Anarchy in the UK. Then he fires rockets at an unseen enemy ahead. He jumps out of the bus, onto a paddling pool being dragged alongside. He continues to sing. I wish I had a ukulele to accompany him.

We stop to chat to some simulated pirates. They aren’t sure how they got here.
I’m trying to get in a flat. I don’t have the key. It’s a friends place. A group of superheroes lived here, but most are now dead. I try calling them. No luck. I go to meet them in a Firkin pub in Bristol, where there’s some amateur opera on. The bar is slow and crowded.
I’m in the virtual town. My brother and I are in a building that simulates chicken farming. We use machinery to feed the chickens, it’s one of the goals of the game. I tell him about Eurotruck Simulator 2000, how boring it is. We try to find a way into the farm, along a crest covered in thick cloth. We come out far behind it. Scrambling up a bank, I see a tall red headed woman, and she joins us.
I’m I a hotel room with this woman. On the wall is a painting that changes. It ripples like water. It’s a gateway to another world. I tell her this, and we step through. We swim up, breaking the surface into a white marble room lined with books, a swimming pool and library combined. We peruse the books and sit down. I realise I don’t know the way back. I call myself on an old mobile phone. It’s the only number I have. I am the Doctor, and the patient. I tell myself I have to find my own way back.
I’m acting in Dr Who again. This time I’m trying to escape creepy locals in a simulated Mullion Cove, in Cornwall. They are under rocket attack from an unseen enemy. One of them leads me to safety past many tea shops and pubs. Inside this pub, I’m back with the rest of the cast. Bjork has a role. I say hello to a spaniel I will be acting with. Somehow the Dr gets us to the way back. I see a list of those who died. I’m the last on the list. I wander the virtual world, as a minor character, I didn’t make it. I meet virtual pirates sorting books, and offer them cheese sandwiches. I see my friend David, but he still lives, and we can’t communicate. Other friends cry at the loss of life. I know it’s sad, but we’re all still here, virtually.

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