Bomb Making

I bought some fertiliser

Modelling clay

And the secret ingredients.  
Mixed together 

In the right amounts 

I got my hands dirty

I’d got angry

With the forces of death

The forces of control 

Things need to change. 
When the bombs were ready

I filled my rucksack

Took a stroll

To a busy place

A soulless place

Where people slept

As they walked through greyness

Devoid of life. 
I threw a bomb. 

Earth, water, and the fire of life

Curving through the still air of the city. 
There was no bang

No flash of light

No death

No destruction
Just silence 

Waiting for the rain to come

And free the seeds of secret fire

Bring life to lifelessness 

Colour to greyness

Hope to the hopeless. 


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