Jamie Oliver’s Dog Poo Cake

I’m at a party in a club. Some young kids have just finished playing in a band. L plays sax in the next band, R is on drums. I wander around. Lots of people dressed the same. I compliment a woman on her dress. 

I lay down on some grass with friends. We talk about Jamie Oliver’s Dog Poo Cake recipe. I’m aware the grass is covered with dog shit. I get up and leave. As I walk away, a young woman joins me. She was born a boy, but shifted genders. We walk to a corner shop, where she buys stuff, and knows the staff, and I wait, browsing. 
She tells me there’s a girl that likes me. I can’t see her face in my minds eye. Different women come to mind. 

Then I remember. I make the right choice. 


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