The Ghost of Music

I’m in a house. There’s an old film on TV. And creepy music. I turn the TV off. The music continues. I unplug it. Still the music goes on. Friends come in. I ask if they can hear the music. It repeats a similar phrase. We sit in the room next door, trying to contact spirits, while leaning back on dining chairs at a round table. 
No response. The music continues. I can’t stand it. We leave the house, and walk in the dark, separated by distractions. I can still hear the music. I want to remember the tune when I awake, incorporate it as an earworm. 
I meet up again with my friends. We’ve become used to the music in our heads. We sing the tune out loud, I improvise lyrics to it, and harmonies, as we climb a stairwell in a college. 


What do you think?

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