Breaking Through the Barrier to the Happy House

I’m in a triple decker bus with Noel Edmunds. We drive from the top deck, into the Beatles happy house studios. The doorway is too low. We drive through it. It’s only paper and plywood. They knew one day we’d drive in. 
Back outside. A market. Andy Williams and Phil Collins sell pastries on competing stalls. A small boy gives me a baked potato, with an unknown filling. Noel Edmunds runs past, high-fiving the end of my curling stick. 
I walk down a hill. Homeless people ask me for money and drugs. They think I’m off to visit a dealer. I walk back up to the market, and put my rubbish in a bin there, I don’t want to be seen near the dealers place. 
I’m inside a large house. My brother has designed a large Mothers Day card template, there are blanks on it for me to fill in. He wants to make it competitive. He wants to make everything competitive. He challenges me to find something I think I’m good at, so he can prove he’s better than me. I refuse I choose non-competitiveness, and I play an ocarina badly to myself. 
Through a window, a black cat sleeps on a chair by a gramophone on the grass, and a man walks his obedient dog. 
I meet Noel again. I tell him about my dream of the triple decker bus. He looks surprised, and tells me it’s true. 


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