Snow, Stadium, Sleep, Sport

A bedroom. Wind and rain outside. I urinate on the floor. Plants need repotting. I find a toilet and use it. Invisible radiation. Someone jealous of my lifestyle. Nighttime. 
I’m sleeping In a stadium. It’s snowing. People cheer a sport on a big screen. The show ends. People leave. I just want to sleep, under a thin blanket in the corner. The snow stops. I get up. A clock says five past nine. I’m late for work. I look again. It’s eight o’clock. I’ve still got time. I can’t find my way there, the city has changed, I remember I work on the second level in a shopping centre, I walk through suburban streets, trying to navigate by the towering buildings of the distant city centre. 
I slide down icy streets, and onto a train, it’s engine asymmetrically overhanging the platform. We set off. I try to move between carriages, but the next one is a smoking compartment. Returning, I accidentally kick a bag through a hole in the floor. My bag’s gone too. A passenger is angry at me for losing his bag. I step into the corridor, and jump from the train as it slows, passing through a station. 


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