Happy Fanatics

Swimming with soldiers. I fall for a woman soldier swimming. She has dropped a happy Easter card from her daughter. It drifts away in the water. 
Later. We are inside. Religious people are outraged at sex and love. They stamp and shout. Small icons fall from the wall. They sew our eyes shut with yellow leather strips, block our mouths with wood, I grab her and run out, around a corner, and clear our mouths and unlace our eyes. Suddenly she’s gone, taken by religious fanatics. I grab a large wooden sleeper, and break into the room I think she’s in. A young man joins me, religious, but no fanatic. 
Inside is empty. There are the more doors. We take one each. Both open, and alarms sound. It’s a trap. We try to smash our way out of the windows, but don’t escape before the media arrive. We sneak out. The woman soldier sits in a nearby garden with her son. A procession goes by, celebrating the death of sex and love, they carry a box, and inside, the beheaded, crucified, body of a man is visible. He looks like Frank Zappa. 
Brass bands play, people sing. The happy fanatics, who want to kill everything. 


Beautiful Cosmos

I’m a young Ivor Cutler. I fly with a harmonium on a stand, above a river crossing. I’m dressed as a choirboy. I fall underwater. I’m not sure if I’ll drown, I swim to the surface, and start to fly again. 
Nearby, schoolgirls are watching. I Join them in a classroom. They are happy, and want to hear me play. I play Beautiful Cosmos, and they all sing along. They leave when I finish, and I’m left with two teachers, one of whom chooses from a selection of psychedelic shirts. I compliment him on them. We discuss how the world has changed, and that there’s no longer space in it for people like us. I point out that having neither their class status, nor the advantage of family money to live off, I am at an even greater disadvantage. 
We cross the river, jumping from one submerged altar to another. On the far bank, a mother and child are waiting for us. 

Dong Wang and the Orphans

A child is dressed as a superhero. She works for a Mafia boss, Dong Wang. She lives with other orphans, and one day visits Dong as herself. He does not recognise her. She causes havoc, stealing alcohol to take home, and breaking many bottles. 
She has discovered that Dong helps orphans, in order to recruit them. She explains to her family of orphans how to exploit this. They queue up, and receive clothes and food. She warns her orphan family that the words “mom and dad” are not for these people. 

Tests, Technology and Tubby Aliens

A competition. I’m on a team competing against Israel. There’s a series of time trial tasks, spaced out along a road, and we reverse between them in a saloon car. Israel fail to show. We win the tests by default. Scores are kept, as complicated fractions. I can see an easier way to score it. 

Hidden in undergrowth, is technology we must find first. The other team are evangelical Christians. They’ll destroy it if they discover it first, believing it to be Satan’s work. Some of the tech is hidden on dangerous ground, quicksand and swamps. I can’t believe how careless the planners of the competition were. I find some tech. As I try to climb out of the swamp, I’m met by a woman from the other team. She appears feline. We wrestle as I try to climb out. I’m spinning the glowing tech on a cable to keep her away, the ground shifts, it’s an alien craft taking to the skies. 

I’m with others in a dark, wooden, dusty room. An alien appears. Rotund and made of light. He scans one of us. The aliens are trying to understand emotions, and run tests on us, invoking fear, anger and love to measure the physiological results. 

They mean us no harm. I feel fear when scanned, paralysed. But I hear my voice explaining to the alien how it feels, and reassuring him that it’s ok, that I understand. 

I awake, paralysed. The bathroom door of my hotel slowly shifting back to its usual form, morphing from a glowing, curious, alien. 


David Starkey Goat Attack

I can fly. It’s a superpower I can’t control. I practice hovering upside down near the ground. People walking by are too interested. I fly higher. I practice racing around a park, seeing how fast I can go. I see a nazi targeting a youth club. I steal his scope and weapon, and turn it against him. He returns fire, and I block his shots with blocks of green jelly. He was armed by the SAS. 
Flying by a balcony, a black woman sees me. And hears me. I’m surprised, and tell her I’ll return. 
I’m in a yard with a metal spikes fence. On the fence is a word game, it involves rearranging phrases. David Starkey is there. He’s criticising my game. I pretend to throw something at him, and a goat attacks him, eating him. 
I’m climbing wooden stairs in a pub. The owner is at the top, encouraging me to gamble. I take his bet. And help him organise his money. The goat is back. I trick it outside. I don’t want to be devoured. 

Haunting Myself

A haunted house. I was staying in the haunted bedroom, but I change rooms, the ghost doesn’t like change. I feel his anger. I move my laptop and music gear into my new room, playing a series of piano chords on a midi controller. 
A friend runs past, exploring the house. I tell her to wait, but she’s gone, rushing towards the sound of children’s voices chanting in Latin. I follow her, into a family restaurant. I torment a boy by flicking him with a spoon. Only he can see or hear me. I am the bad voice in his head, a demonic presence sent to drive him mad. 

Napery Japery in the Crepery

I’m getting a coffee. J is on a work placement behind the counter. He doesn’t want the job. He wears an old overcoat, one arm is replaced with ragged carpet. He refuses my money, and gives me more money back, and a free pastry. I sit with him and chat a bit. I don’t get a coffee. I’m annoyed with him for not even trying. I leave, worried I’ve become right wing. 
I’m sat on a high concrete block, covered in linen. I’m sorting cardboard tubes. J2 is trying to get my attention with a long cardboard tube. I break it and throw it at him. I add tinsel to injury, by throwing that too. 
I go back to the cafe. The owner walks by, she’s dresses like a mirrorball.