I live in a strange village, with half, human, half-animal beings. Some are brutal, violent, overlords. The rest of us plot to overthrow them. Most think we need a strong leader to physically defeat the most powerful of them. I disagree. 

One of us is attacked by one of the overlords. We all rush to his defence. The overlord backs down, outnumbered. 

I patrol the village walls, our border. I wish I had a halberd rather than a pole with a metal end for opening windows. I spot a gang of kids on motorbikes, enemies from another village. They are riding on my lawn. I don’t like that. I go to approach them, but retreat, realising I’m outnumbered. They chase me over a hill, and I meet C, who is also running away. We climb a steep, grassy slope. They won’t follow us up here, they’re too lazy. 

We cling to a fence, and follow it around. A small boy lifts the edge of the grass, looking for markings, part of a game he plays, he knows where we are. He’s excited. Delirious. His girlfriend calms him down. 

We are back in school. The boy is reprimanded for taking drugs, in this case, the drug looks like a bent drawing pin. Apparently it only works on teenage, sexually active, violinists. 

We walk in magickal robes, telling tall stories. I try to convince my friend that we have a second anus on our heads. Everyone else is in on the joke. He goes along with it for a while, even though he knows I’m lying. 

We are made magic by advanced technology. We prepare to defend the earth. 


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