California Dreaming

My place is flooding. I try to call 192 for help. The guy just tried to keep me on the line as long as possible. I’m pissed off. My friends are singing and shouting. I can’t hear as I redial. Water floods the floor. The guy on the phone asks how I kept my number, and tries to sell me insurance. I tell him if he doesn’t give me my housing associations number, or a plumbers number, I will remove his balls and eyes, and swap them round, sewn back in, and leave him on Dartmoor. 
I’m climbing metal steps like a ladder up vertical concrete. I change my mind and take a longer, easier way round. At the top, an animated town. Memories of when it was horrible and dark. Attractive people are everywhere. C walks across stepping stones. S lays between two of them, in the water. She’s happy as a stepping stone. It’s sunny, and everything is well. 
I remember the horrors of before. The deformed child, demonic face shouting obscenities at me. The hard to acknowledge base nature of my desires. Anger at my father, at my younger self, and my older self, who comes back to counsel me.  


One thought on “California Dreaming

  1. *Adopts hispanic Family Guy character voice* “California dreaming – it’s funny because it’s about a dream and you are in California.” 😉

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