Napery Japery in the Crepery

I’m getting a coffee. J is on a work placement behind the counter. He doesn’t want the job. He wears an old overcoat, one arm is replaced with ragged carpet. He refuses my money, and gives me more money back, and a free pastry. I sit with him and chat a bit. I don’t get a coffee. I’m annoyed with him for not even trying. I leave, worried I’ve become right wing. 
I’m sat on a high concrete block, covered in linen. I’m sorting cardboard tubes. J2 is trying to get my attention with a long cardboard tube. I break it and throw it at him. I add tinsel to injury, by throwing that too. 
I go back to the cafe. The owner walks by, she’s dresses like a mirrorball. 


What do you think?

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