David Starkey Goat Attack

I can fly. It’s a superpower I can’t control. I practice hovering upside down near the ground. People walking by are too interested. I fly higher. I practice racing around a park, seeing how fast I can go. I see a nazi targeting a youth club. I steal his scope and weapon, and turn it against him. He returns fire, and I block his shots with blocks of green jelly. He was armed by the SAS. 
Flying by a balcony, a black woman sees me. And hears me. I’m surprised, and tell her I’ll return. 
I’m in a yard with a metal spikes fence. On the fence is a word game, it involves rearranging phrases. David Starkey is there. He’s criticising my game. I pretend to throw something at him, and a goat attacks him, eating him. 
I’m climbing wooden stairs in a pub. The owner is at the top, encouraging me to gamble. I take his bet. And help him organise his money. The goat is back. I trick it outside. I don’t want to be devoured. 


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