Tests, Technology and Tubby Aliens

A competition. I’m on a team competing against Israel. There’s a series of time trial tasks, spaced out along a road, and we reverse between them in a saloon car. Israel fail to show. We win the tests by default. Scores are kept, as complicated fractions. I can see an easier way to score it. 

Hidden in undergrowth, is technology we must find first. The other team are evangelical Christians. They’ll destroy it if they discover it first, believing it to be Satan’s work. Some of the tech is hidden on dangerous ground, quicksand and swamps. I can’t believe how careless the planners of the competition were. I find some tech. As I try to climb out of the swamp, I’m met by a woman from the other team. She appears feline. We wrestle as I try to climb out. I’m spinning the glowing tech on a cable to keep her away, the ground shifts, it’s an alien craft taking to the skies. 

I’m with others in a dark, wooden, dusty room. An alien appears. Rotund and made of light. He scans one of us. The aliens are trying to understand emotions, and run tests on us, invoking fear, anger and love to measure the physiological results. 

They mean us no harm. I feel fear when scanned, paralysed. But I hear my voice explaining to the alien how it feels, and reassuring him that it’s ok, that I understand. 

I awake, paralysed. The bathroom door of my hotel slowly shifting back to its usual form, morphing from a glowing, curious, alien. 



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