Beautiful Cosmos

I’m a young Ivor Cutler. I fly with a harmonium on a stand, above a river crossing. I’m dressed as a choirboy. I fall underwater. I’m not sure if I’ll drown, I swim to the surface, and start to fly again. 
Nearby, schoolgirls are watching. I Join them in a classroom. They are happy, and want to hear me play. I play Beautiful Cosmos, and they all sing along. They leave when I finish, and I’m left with two teachers, one of whom chooses from a selection of psychedelic shirts. I compliment him on them. We discuss how the world has changed, and that there’s no longer space in it for people like us. I point out that having neither their class status, nor the advantage of family money to live off, I am at an even greater disadvantage. 
We cross the river, jumping from one submerged altar to another. On the far bank, a mother and child are waiting for us. 


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