The Virtual Reality of Our Personal Past

An old computer game. It involves taking a duck/goat on an adventure, collecting dancers and looking into your past. I play a modern VR version. J challenges me to collect ten dancers. The terrain is the same. I move through barriers of ducks by asking them politely. Dropping down to a new level, I lose my duck. I knock on the door of a decrepit house. A woman answers. She has adopted my lost duck. I transform him into a goat, and she’s happy for me to take him away. As I leave, Mr Martin comes home from work. 
We head underground. There’s a cave/tube station. I hunt for clues. The goat, now a unicorn, finds it. A bit of paper telling me the next step. I meet a woman called Wendy. She has details of my birth in her cafe. I know I don’t need them to complete this dancer collecting challenge. At the end of the platform, an Austrian food place, a Chinese selling green tiramisu and nothing else, and a third food place, all have terrible customer service, and refuse to serve goat, either as a food or a customer. I tell them I work for the best company in the world, and that their service sucks. 
I find a way down to the next level, by stamping on what looks like a wine press in the ground. My goat joins me. We come out into a large, circular room. Huge screens show the staff of bad service. Disco music plays. We dance, with people from the 70’s. They laugh at modern dancing, and I laugh at theirs. These are the dancers I have to collect. The first, and simplest, of many challenges. I catch them in the strobe light. 
I’m still in the game. I wander Newton Heath with DS. I visit shops I’ve never seen before, and some that I remember. We can’t buy anything, we have no cash, and ATMs don’t exist yet. Where the old school should be, or wasteland, is a bar. This isn’t right. Across the road, the church has an ATM. Inside people party in bright lights and fancy clothes. 
We walk across the school playground. I want to show DS where I was born, where I lived, and how I got to school. 
I’m in school. The teacher has to leave suddenly, and asks me to teach the class Logic 8. I don’t know it. I tell the class how great Logic X is, and try to find it on his laptop. The interface is like Raskin. I can’t find it anywhere. I send someone to fetch a laptop with it on. 
The class are restless. There’s some women from Bose there. People become demanding, shouting questions over each other. I tell them to shut up or get out. I’m stressed, I miss my duck/goat/unicorn. 


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