The Kitten Burrito

I’m back in Wolverhampton. While I’ve been away, someone has been in my flat. There’s graffiti accusing me of using legal highs to traffic young girls for sex. There are threats to kill, and to harass me, until I leave. I’m shocked that anyone could think that about me. I’m not sure what to do.

Outside, a neighbour is hanging sheets from telephone wires and trees, to create a garage for himself. This will prevent any daylight getting into the flat below me.
I play with a kitten, and roll it in a small blanket. When I try to unroll it, the kitten has become a burrito. It wants me to take it home. I’m in Sainsbury’s. I take the kitten burrito, now packaged, to the self serve till. It won’t scan. The packaging is fake. I take the kitten burrito with me and leave.
Outside, in the sky, alien ships are flying. I remark to Captain Kirk that they look like 3D extrusions of the activity awards in iOS 8. Kirk is hard to please.

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