The Spirit of Music

I’m at home. A huge house. Only my father and brother are living there with me. I use my mothers old bedroom as a studio. In the room, are the remains of a haunted piano, that a ghost used to play. My neighbour JB smashed it up with a hammer. In ruins, it is now stacked, awaiting removal. 
I turn on my midi keyboard, joking that spirits can’t control electronics. I’m wrong. Fast arpeggios speed across the keys, it discovers different sounds, and arrangement capabilities and begins to rock out. I turn off the power to the keyboard. It fizzes, and fades, then bursts back to life. The keys become a uniform black, melted by some unseen, unfelt, heat. 
I run out. JB and my family are there. They don’t listen when I tell them what’s happening. The walls separate and expand, and I can see the old piano, it’s parts exploded, but hovering in mid air, playing once again. I try to get people to see, but they look and talk at me, without seeing the beauty of the spirit of music. 
The music stops. I return to the room. A grey, hard to see, ghost dog comes in, about the size of a Jack Russell. I call it over and it fades into existence. The dog licks my bandaged hands, and slowly, the bandages transfer to the dog. I tell it it looks like the ghost of a mummy dog now. I follow it into the hallway, where my mother picks it up. We unravel the bandages, discussing how it’s best to be careful handling these things. As we unwrap, we reveal a human face on the dog, it figures out that because we called it ‘a thing’, that she isn’t human this time. She knows that humans treat animals, and each other, as things. 
We finish unwrapping. She’s like a dachshund with a human face, furless, wagging her tail. I look on the floor. Her ears, earrings, and nipples have fallen off. It looks like they clip back on. We put her back together. She’s the ghost dog of the Egyptian God Horus, back to save the spirit of music. 


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