Safe Word, Safe Gesture

I’m in a courtyard with other people. We communicate through a series of Dadaist actions and sentences. It’s some kind of improvised, surreal, performance. On a balcony, an old lady simulates being sexually assaulted by a young man. I’m concerned for a moment, but her acting is obvious. I can tell it’s not real. I’m in a room. In this play I’m K’s brother. The room has yellow walls, and odd tiles with bizarre images and messages on. 
My feet vibrate so fast, I glide across the courtyard. I fall, with cramp in my leg. I don’t know how to communicate actual pain, is there a safe gesture to let people know I’m actually hurt? A safe word to stop the acting? 
I wake. Cramp in my leg, struggling to breathe. 


What do you think?

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