Invisible Water, Beautiful Balcony, Masked Teacher

Walking home in just acing, white, shirt. Invisible flood waters make it wet at the bottom. Cats look up through invisible waters. I stop to stroke one. People from work are behind me. I just want to be alone. K is in a doorway, wearing a brown leather coat, with a huge dog paw print as a front motif. I turn  into a stone tunnel by the road. At the end, it is partially blocked. I push the blockage aside. I see a train carriage with tank track bogeys, converted to be a caravan, and a huge tractor to pull it. I climb aboard the tractor, trying to figure out how to close the double door, and wishing it had been designed for someone smaller. I get it started and it becomes a mini estate. I race off, followed by a gang of young guys in home made vehicles that are all propane bottles, and shopping trolley wheel. We race. In the dust and confusion, one of them is hurt in a crash. I talk to him. He’s Australian. In court I have to take my test again. 
I’m in a toilet cubicle. In a bar. Outside, two guys are waiting for me. They think I owe them money. They have the wrong guy. They bang in the door, then wait. After a while, they peer over the top of the cubicle. I slash them with a long knife. They leave, threatening me. 
I come out of the loo. I’m sat in a rococo styled balcony, overlooking the bar. Below, armed police wait to catch the guys coming to shoot me. A detective asks me about damage to the artworks. I say I hate see such things. I love the balcony, it’s where I go with friends to escape the rabble below. 
I’m in a class. The teacher has a pink cloth mask, that covers his head, with small, dark, holes for eyes. He’s teaching us about sleep. He’s not a great teacher. He leaves us to discover things for ourselves, but offers no guidance. I’m sat near an attractive woman. I type on an iPad with a shiny gold keyboard, attached to a harmonium style box, with harp strings inside. Each letter plays a note, the rhythm of my typing a tune. I walk around the room. A student, with a similar mask to the teachers, steals my chair. It annoys me, but there are plenty of others free. I research sleep deprivation in prisoners. I have trouble typing. The gold keyboard looks good, but is shit. 



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