New Shoot

I’m staying in a hotel. I’m working with friends. My room is a mess, the floor strewn with bits of white bread and pâté. My clothes are everywhere. I tidy the floor. The landlady comes in, and I apologise for the remaining mess. 
I take a bath. The water is dirty. Insects live in it. Black grit lines the bottom. My white towel is grey at the edges, from rubbing in dirt. I get out of the bath, disgusted at the state of it. I want to move back home, although I know that area is much more dangerous. 
I meet my friends. They lie in clear roofed pods, game sites strapped to their heads. I join them in the game. We fly X wing fighters over a model city. As we get close, VR takes over. We become immersed in the game. I fly wing for a friend, watching his back, then break off. In a park, I shoot the enemy as the fire on me from the base of a tree. A crowd gathers for an event. I fly just above them, firing at an actual mr big, who towers over them. He surrounds himself with civilians, I can’t get a clear shot. I try to outflank him, but the people are as dense as bamboo shoots. I hear nature spirits demanding rights. 
A woman visits a boat ride that she loved as a child. She’s scared now, and choses the easier option. 
I fly overhead, and glide just above the water, manoeuvring through metal gates and other obstructions on the river. Finally, I land, and take a train. Kids have deep scarred names on their hands. One is called “New Shoot”, she tells me how the big boss has some giant Japanese fighting robot armour, and how he is undefeated. 
“We’ll see about that”, I think to myself. 



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